Jonny Greenwood - Telecaster Plus

This particular model was produced from ’89 to 94’. It features a Blue Lace Sensor pick-up in the neck position and a Dual Red Lace Sensor pick-up (acting like an humbucker) in the bridge position with a relative toggle switch which has been removed and replaced with a cut-off switch.

There are also unknown rewirings made by Jonny and Plank, Radiohead’s main guitar technician.

Originally Jonny had two models of the Tele Plus, purchased after they signed with Parlophone in December 1991, up to the theft in Denver (October 1995) when Jonny’s main Tele Plus was stolen. His back-up Tele Plus became his main guitar, while a back-up is now provided by a standard Telecaster turned to a Plus.

Early 1990's Fender Telecaster Plus - Sunburst

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