Robby Krieger - SG

Mash up From Premier Guitar and Music Radar:

"Before I played electric guitars, I knew nothing about them. But then I saw Chuck Berry and had to get one. I went to a pawnshop (Ace Loans in Santa Monica). It was the SG Special with P90s, this was 1964 and all I could afford—it cost me $180. That was the guitar I used in the Doors."

"I played ES-335s and ES-355s also, but I always went back to the SG. It’s the most comfortable guitar for me. It does what I need it to do and always has."

Apparently, the original was stolen during The Doors period, so Krieger bought a 1967 SG Standard which became the basis for Gibson's Robby Krieger SG reissue.

"They copied the ’67 SG I have now. I didn’t like that guitar’s original neck, so the neck on it is actually a copy of a friend’s ’61 SG Junior that I preferred. Gibson wired the front and rear pickups out of phase like a wah. It was a mistake, but a good one."

1967 Gibson SG - Cherry

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