Brian Jones - Vox "Teardrop"

One of the most famous Vox instruments is the Vox Teardrop, which was inspired by a lute. This Vox model was the third in the Phantom series, and was appropriately named the Vox Phantom Mark III, although, to this day, it is more commonly referred to as the Teardrop.

The very first Teardrops had two pickups, and were hand made at the Vox Dartford factory. According to Vox, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones did not receive the first Vox Teardrop guitar built. A pair of Vox Teardrop instruments—a guitar and bass—debuted in January of 1964, and Jones didn’t receive his famous white Teardrop until mid 1964. Soon after, he was given a 12-string version.

Jones’ use of the Teardrop with the Rolling Stones made the guitar one of the most sought after and recognizable of all Vox guitars.

1964 Vox Phantom Mark III - White

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