Neil Young - "Hank"

"Hank" is a 1941 Martin D-28 named after its previous owner, Hank Williams.

The story goes that Hank Williams, Jr. had traded the guitar for some shotguns, and it then went through a succession of other owners until it was located by Young's longtime friend Grant Boatwright who secured it for Young from Tut Taylor, the dobro legend who owned the GTR music store in Nashville.

Young has toured with it for over 30 years. A story about the guitar and the song it inspired, "This Old Guitar" can be seen about 50 minutes into the "Neil Young: Heart of Gold" film. It was Young's primary guitar on the "Prairie Wind" album.

1941 Martin D-28 - Natural


  1. Anyone know what Neil paid for "Hank"?

  2. No idea. Did I read somewhere that Neil only regards himself as the keeper of the guitar so-to-speak and intends to pass it on eventually to someone he reckons will do it justice.

    1. I would never sell it Neil 😉 . I'd bring it to the horses in the fields and play to the trees until I die.

    2. Most Clydesdales will roost around 6 to 8 P.M.