Pat Simmons - Gibson ES-335

In the mid-seventies, Pat Simmons of The Doobie Brothers switched to the Gibson ES-335 from the ES-345.

Said Pat in Guitar Player in 1976:

"A Gibson ES-345 was the standard guitar that I used to use for leads and regular chording. It's a stereo, and I disconnected its varitone, which is kind of a limiter and enables you to get a Fender sound or like a thin sound out of the guitar, but I never could get behind the sounds, really. If I want a sound like a Fender, I'd rather play a Fender guitar."

"With it disconnected I got more power, and a cleaner sound. And then I've got an ES-335 that I've got tuned to a modal D; starting from the bottom up that's D, A, D, D, A, D."

Mid Seventies Gibson ES-335 - Cherry

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