Warren Haynes - Gibson Firebird

Haynes 1964 Firebird III has an Alnico II Pro Mini-Humbucker in the neck.

From Modern Guitars magazine in 2006:

"For me, the Firebird is Gibson’s answer to the Fender. You know, if I want a brighter sound but still want the meat that a Gibson gives me, I’ll play a Firebird. P-90s have a sound; humbuckers have a sound. Usually these days, not always, but usually, when I’m playing a Firebird it’s tuned down a half step. So, you get some warmth and darkness from the fact that the guitar’s tuned lower, and you get the brightness from the length of the neck and the body style, the type of wood and the pickups."

"Everybody’s looking for something different, and for me, the combination of Gibson guitars that I use covers a lot of ground. I’m able to get a lot of sounds from them."

1964 Gibson Firebird III - Black

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