Jack White - Late 1950's Kay Arch-Top

Late 1950s Kay covered in paper and used for slide (tuned to an Open A) - this one is typically used live for open tuning for songs like Death Letter, Stop Breaking Down and 7 Nation Army.

Jack: "That was a Kay arch-top I got a few years back. My brother's wife owned a St.Vincent de Paul thrift store. I moved a refrigerator for them and they said, here, take this guitar for gas money or whatever."

"If I had a brand new Les Paul that stayed perfectly in tune, and some solid state amp and all this digital equipment - that's just too much opportunity. I wanna go in with one beat-up amplifier, one drum set, a guitar that doesn't stay in tune and just work with that. I love putting myself in a box, putting restrictions down, and taking it from there."

Why does he cover his Kay in paper?

Jack has stated very briefly that he does it for personal reasons and wishes not to speak about it.

Late 1950's Kay Archtop - Beige

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