John Entwistle - Alembic Explorer Bass

John Entwistle fell in love with Alembic basses in the mid seventies and worked closely with them to design the Explorer version he used extensively with The Who and on solo projects.


The basses featured a bird’s eye maple body with spider web wire sterling silver inlay, which later appeared to be brass as the instrument’s lacquer yellowed with age, a graphite-reinforced neck of laminated walnut and maple, fingerboard with music-note inlays in mother-of-pearl Gothic script and LED markers on the top edge.


It has two master volume controls with a selector switch to choose from the presets, active lowpass-filter controls, a five-pin (Cannon) and standard jack connectors with standard Alembic electronics.


There were at least two of this model made, plus a “V”-shaped headstock model and an 8-string.

1976 Alembic Explorer Bass - Natural

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