Duane Eddy - Gretsch 6120

Duane Eddy's instrumental hits from the late 1950's basically created the concept of guitar "twang"and were incredibly influential. Perhaps the most successful instrumental rocker of his time, he may have also been one of the players most responsible for popularizing the electric rock guitar.

His distinctive low, twangy riffs could be heard on no less than 15 Top Forty hits between 1958 and 1963. He was also one of the first rock stars to have a "signature" guitar model (in 1960).

His 1957 red Gretsch 6120 has been at the center of his sound.  Says Eddy... "I still have that guitar and it's still my #1 instrument".

1957 Gretsch 6120 - Red

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  1. Duane Eddy has loaned his original Gretsch 6120 to The Musical Instrument Museum, in Phoenix, Arizona. It will soon be displayed in The Artist's Gallery.