Elvis Costello - Walnut Jazzmaster

Costello started the sessions for his first album, "My Aim Is True", playing a new Telecaster that a drummer friend who worked for Fender had gotten for him with a company discount in California.

Back in the UK, Costello walked past a shop window that had a Jazzmaster in it.  Says Costello: "I'd never seen one before; it kinda looked like a Strat someone had cut a bit off.  I didn't even know the guitar existed."

So he traded in his new Tele for the used Jazzmaster.

Costello's new guitar came with a DIY refinish, a "home furniture varnish like you would have on your auntie's footstool."

Later he had it refinished in a "not entirely attractive grey finish and put my name up the neck 'cos I was always into country and western-style guitar gimmicks. And I figured no one would nick it then, it'd be useless to them."

Mid 1970's Jazzmaster - Walnut

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  1. I have sen this guitar with the legend'ELVIS COSTELLO' on the fretboard. I remember Johnny Marr of the Smiths borrowing it for Top of the pops. was trying to find the clip on Youtube but can't remember the song. This model was the first decent guitar I owned. I should have had my name on it as it got stolen.