Jimmy Page - Danelectro DC

Jimmy's Danelectro was made from the best parts of 2 1959 DC's, and fitted with a Badass bridge.

Used on stage for Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, White Summer/Black Mountain Side, In My Time Of Dying, and often for Kashmir (especially after 1977).

1959 Danelectro DC - Black


  1. Anyone interested in the story of Danelectro and its founder, Nathan I. Daniel, an unsung industry pioneer (and my father), might want to check out the tribute posted on my Web site at http://www.pen4rent.com/pen4rent/tribute/aspx

    1. How cool. I love Danelectro's. He was a pioneer. The way they were made was unique and he made the first Bass 6. The pick ups are brilliant. He is one of the inspirations for the way guitars have evolved. I bought a modern replica of the DC59. Your father was a great man. Just look at some of the people who have played his guitars.

  2. Thanks Howard. Your father was a major contributor to musical instrument history. Please note the URL to Howard's excellent tribute is: http://www.pen4rent.com/pen4rent/tribute.aspx