Roger McGuinn - Rickenbacker 360/12

Roger on his love of his 1966 Rickenbacker 360 12:

"We went as a group to see 'A Hard Day’s Night' multiple times and were totally taken with The Beatles. I liked George Harrison’s Rickenbacker 12, but I couldn’t find one that looked like his with the pointy cutaways, so I bought the blonde 360 model.

I thought it was beautiful, like a golden palomino and the checkerboard binding reminded me of Gene Autry or Roy Rogers. I loved that guitar and played it eight hours a day."

"It was later stolen and I discovered that it was auctioned off in England for over $100,000. Given the statute of limitations and the difficulty in dealing with laws in a foreign country, there wasn’t much I could do, even though I considered myself the legal and rightful owner."

1966 Rickenbacker 360/12 - Blonde

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  1. It seems odd that anything stolen from an American icon could be auctioned for $100,000 with no legal penalties for the thief. I'd like to know just how it was stolen and by who.