Scotty Moore - Gibson Super 400

Scotty received a blonde 1956 Super 400 CES from Gibson in January 1957 as a result of his endorsement deal. This replaced his Gibson L5 as his principal guitar. The consignment receipt for it is dated January 8, 1957 and referred to in a letter from Gibson dated on January 18 so he received the guitar sometime around then, however, he did not use this guitar on tour until the end of August, 1957.

He used Super 400's through the remainder of his career, recording and performing with Elvis until 1968. He acquired a new one in 1963 and traded his 1956 to Chips Moman who continued to play and record with it until he put it up for auction at Christie's in London. It sold in April 2000 for $98,652.

1956 Gibson Super 400 CES - Blonde

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