Johnny Thunders - Les Paul T.V. Junior

Early in his career, Thunders, of the New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers played a 1955 Les Paul Special, which was essentially a two pick-up version of the Les Paul T.V. Junior.

The 1955 Special was his main guitar for The Dolls first studio album and early tours until the more utilitarian one pickup Les Paul T.V. became his workhorse guitar.

In his career, he played just two main Les Paul T.V.s. His first Les Paul T.V. which he acquired while playing in the New York Dolls was stolen in early 1980 while he was touring with "Gang War". Another one was purchased towards the end of 1980 in New York to replace his original. The "T.V." denoted the color of the guitar (a beautiful honey yellow) which was assumed to show up better on black and white television sets.

Both guitars were the double cutaway versions produced in 1958. Johnny's guitars also had the tortoise shell pick guard instead of the more common black pick guard. His only modification was to put on Grover tuners.

1958 Gibson Les Paul T.V. Junior - Yellow

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