Lemmy Kilmister - Rickenbacker 4004

Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead has used Rickenbacker 4001 and 4003 bass guitars almost exclusively since his Hawkwind days, although some of these instruments were modified with the installation of Gibson Thunderbird pickups in the neck position.

In 2001, Rickenbacker produced a 60-bass run of Lemmy Kilmister signature basses, the 4004LK, which is fitted with three pickups, gold hardware, and elaborate wood carving in the shape of oak leaves. Lemmy currently plays a customized 4004.

He uses the bridge pickup exclusively and turns all the tone and volume knobs up full. On his Marshall amplifiers, he turns off the bass and treble and turns the midrange up all the way to create a biting guitar-like tone which is somewhat distorted and well-suited to his use of open-string drones and power chords.

2001 Rickenbacker 4004 - Walnut With Carving

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