Nils Lofgren - 1961 Stratocaster

Lofgren traded a 12 string to a friend for his original 1961 Strat which is still his favorite guitar to this day.

"When I first started playing guitar, I loved Jeff Beck, so I started with a Telecaster, and played that for two years. Then, I gravitated to Jimi Hendrix and the Strat."

"My favorite old Strats are the ones I’ve been playing for years, both ‘61s. I also have some reissue Strats. I’m a very physical, exuberant player, and Fenders really hold up to a beating. I’ve found that with a Fender, you can lose your finesse and not totally lose it on the instrument, if you can understand that. I like to lean into the guitar and use those five settings you can get out of a Strat."

"I like playing lots of different guitars, but I’ll always reach for a Strat. It’s the most beautiful electric guitar ever made."

1961 Fender Stratocaster - Brown

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