John Cipollina - Gibson SG

Cipollina, best known as a founder and lead guitarist of Quicksilver Messenger Service bought the Gibson SG that was his principal guitar in 1967.

The SG reflected John's long preoccupation with electric guitar design and construction and was extensively modified for structural, acoustical, and decorative purposes.

The entire instrument was bound, the back striped, and the peghead and heel of the neck inlaid with slabs of ebony which John claimed helped keep the guitar in tune.

Both sides of the peghead and the top were laminated. The ebony fingerboard was inlaid with ivory and the control knobs embellished with pearl, and inset with San Francisco Mint mercury dimes. The pickguard and ornamentation on the top were cut from laminated plastic into a bat-like design. The pickups are the original Gibson humbuckers, and the guitar had a Bigsby added and was wired for stereo.

Gibson SG - Cherry

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  1. There's no such thing as a 1959 SG. The sg body style didn't come about until 1961, and it wasn't called the SG until 1963.