Wayne Kramer - American Flag Strat

With a humbucker added to his Stratocaster in the middle position, Wayne Kramer, Fred "Sonic" Smith and the MC5 defined proto-punk and agit-prop music in the 1960's.

Says Kramer:

“When I founded the MC5 and we started to play out, I wanted to develop a look. I was a big fan of Pete Townshend, and I noticed that Pete had a sport coat made out of the Union Jack motif–the British flag–and I thought, ‘What a great idea, but I’m American."

"I figured my motif could be the American flag, the stars and stripes, and so I decided to paint my guitar in that color scheme to advertise my patriotism and total opposition to the direction the country was going in 1968.”

1967 Fender Stratocaster - Custom American Flag Motif

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